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2016- 2021

collaboration (planning permission): Karel Scheib /Studio ANTA

structural engineer: Karel Šíp / ANTRE s.r..o,

landscaping: Alice Boušková

graphic (wayfinding system and signage): Petr Kněřek 


Shortlist / Grand Prix Architektů 2022 (Obec architektů, Czech Republic)


The project of the reconstruction has breathed new life into a retail building set
within a 1960s housing estate in Prague. As part of the transformation, a dance studio was built on the new upper extension above the street-level shops and offices.

A motion is also brought on the former strict façade. Through a new balcony

platforms shaded by a floating structure of atypically bent perforated slats.

more on, or / Technical Details & Interview


Photos by Václav Novák


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